Technical Executive

Hello, I’m Jan. I am curious about great technology, a fan of brilliant products, and admire the infrastructure which makes things run well.I work at RTI where we are building the industrial internet of things, enabling edge autonomy. As the VP of Engineering, I am a coach, blocker, tackler, and cheerleader for my team.I am a hiker, backpacker, cyclist, professional cycling fanatic, and slow runner. I enjoy all kinds of music; The Cure is my favorite band.In 2023, I'll be cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles, in support of Aids/LifeCycle. Donations are very welcome!I read a lot, and aspire to be a decent banjo player and a good writer. I publish articles on Medium and I write a microblog at read tons of resumes weekly. Contact me if you want some feedback on your resume or LinkedIn profile, or if you just want to meet for a virtual coffee meeting, or at LunchClub.